Why choose Budapest for your stag-do?
You won't be dissapointed by Europe's new party capital!

Many cities in Europe claim to have a well-established party scene and top notch bars, but there’s none like Budapest. The latest addition to the line of party capitals, Hungary’s largest city saw immense development in the past decade. The inner city is now one of Europe’s biggest party districts with tons of ruin pubs, an ever-expanding street-food scene and cool places to hang out. As most of the streets are now pedestrian only areas, you’ll surely find an open air café or a dive bar to launch your party night. Get yourself ready, shots are coming! Dance floors now welcome thousands of guests, just choose the music and dancehall you like! Get your Budapest stag do together and go for the party!

Things to do in Budapest

When you have a few days to chill, you might want to make the most of your time. Don’t try to tick the list from your guide book, just immerse yourself in the Budapest mood that attracts millions every year. The Hungarian capital is home to 1.8 million people who created a busy and ever-changing urban scene. It is hard to be bored in Budapest, just look around and find the hidden gems.

Craft beer scene: Hungarian craft breweries are popping up in every corner now. The country is full of new ideas and professional brewers with the mission to impress your senses. Ales, wheat beer, IPA or APA, you name it! Look for craft beer pubs scattered all around the city or ask our team for the best ones!

Home of thermal baths: a Budapest stag do usually ends up in great need for rejuvenation. The local cure against hangover is a nice hot pool of thermal water. Immerse yourself in the boiling tubs and pools of Budapest and get your wrecked body back into shape.

Do your sightseeing: forget boring tours and museum visits, just jump on boat and make the most of sightseeing in Budapest. The Danube is the best road to take to see the Castle and the magnificent Parliament or the amazing bridges. Open a beer or two with your squad to enjoy the cruise!

Festival season: summer is the best time to visit Budapest with tons of festivals for stag teams. Sziget Festival is known all around the world, but you might want to visit a sports event or watch the F1 Hungarian grand prix. Most events are also available on large projectors around the city.

Eat and drink: from street-food to fine dining, from canned beer to exquisite wine, Budapest has it all. Jump in for a wine-tasting session or try Hungarian cuisine at its best in the new artisan restaurants of the city.

The Party District in a nutshell

Back in the old days, inner Budapest was a place full of historic buildings and some cobblestone roads. There were some pubs around but they were the nesting places for locals both young and old. Around the year 2000, there was a big boom in Budapest tourism. All of the well-known sights got renovated, new attractions opened up and the whole world came to Budapest.

The city got extremely famous when the first ruin pubs opened. These run-down and sometimes abandoned buildings caught the attention of local artists and renovators. The pubs opened up with a collection of crazy and artistic design that became world famous instantly. Just in a decade, the inner city transformed into a party area. The streets between Rákóczi út, Nagykörút and Király utca are now pedestrian only zones where the fun never stops. Soon, new dance halls opened to welcome people of different tastes. Now they have grown immensely and new places popped up, like sky terraces, escape rooms, dive bars and craft beer bars. As new joints opened up, the whole area was renovated and redesigned. Look out for the huge murals and hidden statues around the streets! Young artists soon picked up the vibes in the district and decided to move in.

A true center of nightlife in the district became Király utca with a row of quality restaurants and bars. Once a street for small shops and artisans, now it is the beating heart of the party zone. There are no lazy days here, even Monday nights have people sitting in. The summer gets crazy with open air terraces opening up to the masses and people literally taking over the streets. On some special weekends, even the bridges of the Danube get closed down to welcome guests and reward them with a great view of the sunset over the city. Take a stroll through Gozsdu passage to peek into the charm of 19th century architecture and contemporary design. The street features an intense nightlife with lots of daily activities to keep you amazed.

The possibilities are endless and Budapest has pioneered in several areas. The escape room craze started here and become a hit around the world. New and new rooms await people who seek adventure. You can also try bubble football, paintball, beer bikes and shooting ranges to find a unique activity for yourself and your squad.

Most of the places in Budapest now offer a varied range of services. There are those locals’ places that were here a hundred years ago that rub shoulders with fancy new wine bars. Depending on your budget, you will surely find something to your liking. A newest addition to the party district are fusion cuisine restaurants that mix different culinary styles to pamper your taste buds. From Jewish to Italian, Creole to Thai, there’s everything you can think of.

Getting around Budapest

Budapest stag doers will have any easy way through town. The city has one of the best transport networks in Europe with tickets for 350 HUF. Night trams, buses and taxis are available so you don’t have to leave your pub early.

ATMs are in abundance and money exchange has never been easier. You will find Budapest a cheap but quality place wherever you go. You will get excellent service for the fraction of the price you pay home.

Check out the stag activities we offer in Budapest!

Handcuffed Dwarf

Do you know that joke when a stag is being handcuffed to a dwarf? No? Let us tell you…

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Guided Pub Crawl & Strip Club

The night is dark and full of terrors - but fear not, we are here for you!

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Mud Wrestling

Some classics will never go out of fashion...

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Rolly-Polly Stripper

They say size does not matter - but we are here to prove that otherwise!

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It’s been a long day - time to take off the clothes, right? But who said it has to be yours?

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It’s time to get some paint on your hands.

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Escape Room

Locked in a room and you only have limited time to escape. Can you make it out “alive,” or are you doomed to spend the rest of your life in an old cellar?

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Cross Country Quad Trekking

Are you “muddin’” ready to fight Mother Nature herself?

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Thermal Spa

Troubled by the thought of last night’s party fallout? Want to go at it and conquer the night full of energy?

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Bubble Football

You think you know everything about football? Well, champ, you are about to re-learn it all again.

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Shooting Range

Choose the pistol shooting package with which you want to “say hello to your little friends”!

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What are your first thoughts upon arriving to a new, foreign and culturally rich city? P

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