4.5 hours

outdoor clothing

be sober!


all year

Additional info

  • Duration: 4.5 hours
  • Available all year round
  • Outdoor clothing and sport shoes are required!
  • Maximum 12-15 people can drive at the same time
  • Price calculated for a group of 6 people

Our package includes

  • Transfer to and from the hotel
  • Pretty English-speaking guide
  • Professional instructors
  • Clothing, helmets and equipment
  • A free round of beer after the activity

Are you “muddin’” ready to fight Mother Nature herself?

It’s in our nature. We were cold, so we lit fires. We wanted to keep out our enemies, so built houses and walls. We wanted to enjoy scenery while shoving Mother Earth’s face into it’s own dirt? Yep, it was inevitable to build quad bikes and take the challenge head on. Some call the buzzing of the bees satisfying, the  scent of flowers smoothing, the sun’s heat warming. That’s how not we imagine having fun, and nor the participants of a stag party - instead, we love hearing the engines roar, find satisfaction in the spot of the headlight and smell of the intoxicating scent of gasoline. Simply put: we are laughing in the face of danger, because that’s what makes us daring, brave human beings, explorers of the wild.

Hop on, because there is no one and nothing that’s gonna stop you with our quad trekking. Make your stag do an incredible and powerful experience while you explore the forests located in the neighbourhood of Budapest. Climb up and down the hills fueled by the rage of the engines while covered to neck with the dust of the road. Cross the ice covered streams not giving a flying… you know what. Throttle up, and leave the worries of your past and future life behind for a brief time - because that’s what stag party is about. From now on, offroad will be the only road you’ll want to walk all your life.

Details of Cross Country Quad Trekking

  • Professional, qualified instructors will help you get used to quads and learn how to ride your bike.

  • We will provide you with the necessary safety equipments, including helmet and protecting clothes.

  • The trekking event will be held in approximately 30 minutes drive distance of Budapest

  • You have to be sober to take part in Cross Country Quad Trekking. With a beer, everything is much more fun, yet your well-being comes before everything else.


You should get Cross Country Quad Trekking if you are:

  • You are a born motorhead, an enthusiast of off road driving and want to live your dream.

  • Want to feel the power in your hand by crushing whatever stands in your way.

  • We recommend it not just for brave stags, but daring hens too - you’ll learn to expand your limits and soon you’ll show who’s the boss.

  • Always wanted to experience the dangers of quad driving with the safety provided by our professionals and high quality equipment.

Book now, and get our 1 hour ride for your stag party and remember our favourite motto:
“If mud ain’t flying, you ain’t doin’ it right”



Price / person: 67

Total: 402

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