2 hour

2-6 ppl

all year

Additional info

  • Price calculated minimum 4 person
  • Game duration: 1 hour
  • Transfer is not included

Our package includes

  • Entry ticket
  • Pretty English-speaking guide

Locked in a room and you only have limited time to escape. Can you make it out “alive,” or are you doomed to spend the rest of your life in an old cellar?

The popularity of escape rooms is rising by no accident - one of the coolest group activity, which people can spend their free time within the company of their best buddies in a new. It’s a relatively new trend streaming from the mid first ten years of the 2000’s, living the fullest in our small country, Hungary. Are you ready to make your stag party a challenging and memorable experience? The math is simple:

Get the stag and the group together, lock yourself in a themed room with mind-breaking tasks. You have limited time to solve all the puzzles, or face the uneasy fact that you failed. Act fast, strain those brain muscles, because it’s clearly not going to be an easy task. Work with your friends, or you will have no chance at all - there is no “I” in team. You have to give all that you got, yet selfishness and the desire to prove that you are the best will quickly be the downfall of the everyone.

Locate keys, test your agility. Break secret codes, while your time slowly ticking away. It’s like you are living a horror movie, expect nobody dies and there’s lot more less bloody. Yet, the thrill is real.

None of your lads and gals will be left out: everyone is good at something, and the game is precisely built to test all of the group’s abilities. All you need to have is the will to survive your stag do.

So… want to play a game?

What you should know about Escape Rooms?

  • An all year activity.

  • A mid-size group puzzle and agility game.

  • There are multiple themes, riding the waves of the actual trends.

  • The time is limited, the group should arrive in time - we recommend to be there at least ten minutes before the event starts, so the next game can start by the clock.

  • If you are stuck, you’ll have few chances to contact the game master through walkie-talkie.

  • The Escape Rooms are very popular, so you should contact us in time to arrange it to perfectly fit within your stay in Budapest.  

Who do we recommend Escape Room to?

  • Those who like the thrill and healthy amount of stress.

  • Stags and hens who can do individual tasks yet can work as a group.

  • People who like challenges and puzzles.

  • Mid-sized groups who want some team building together - be it colleagues, just a bunch of friends or some stags who want to experience the most popular trend among hungarian young adults.


Price / person: 19

Total: 76

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