5 hours

200 bullets/person

all year

Additional info

  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Available all year round
  • Comfortable sport shoes are required
  • Additional bullets can be purchased separately
  • Price calculated for a group of 8 people

Our package includes

  • Transfer to and from the hotel
  • Fun english-speaking guide
  • Overalls, masks and guns are included
  • Indoor and outdoor fields
  • Professional instructors

It’s time to get some paint on your hands.

Stag parties don’t always have to be humiliating, involving some strippers, or getting the guys as drunk as a skunk. Yet, it can be and still is a special event, getting your people closer to each other then ever. Because there are as memorable ways to blow off some steam before the most important day of someone’s life. Paintball is one of these great opportunities.

The game itself has a long history and for 30 years, it’s been one of the most popular sports and free-time activity of those who want to wind down for a bit and to move every muscle meanwhile.. As you probably know, it’s played with small plastic-like bullets filled with various edible paints. In the days, it was a simple sport about eliminating the other team, but now it’s growing and becoming something bigger and better with every new fan adding their own piece of new idea!

So join us, play one of the most popular stag do activity on our special, professionally built arenas! There are multiple game modes to try out led by one of our trained game masters. Crawl in mud and dirt as you fight shoulder to shoulder with or against your stags. Feel the pain of the bullets, providing you more lifelike experience - you won’t be rushing out blindly into the open, as you know…

Every reaction is followed by counter reaction.


What are the benefits of paintball over airsoft?

  • Paintball matured over decades, a relatively new sport with already rich history.

  • The weapons are easy to use and reload. Everyone’s weights in equally, since there is no significant difference in them.

  • It’s the real deal: bullets hit like a bull and sting like a bee. You have to be tactical, think of every move twice.


What you get for your money?

  • 200 of bullets, additional ones can be purchased separately.

  • Overalls, goggles to keep you safe - but we provide no shoes. Bring something comfy and durable. Don’t worry, the paint can be washed out with some work.

  • You can play 17 number of game modes in 3 locations.

  • Gamemaster, who helps you get familiar with your weapon.

Paintball was made for you if:

  • You are interested adrenaline fueled actions.

  • Your stag is a fan of classic military themed games and movies. Ideal for team building events or birthdays too.

  • You are more interested in tactical moves then the weapons themself.


Price / person: 35

Total: 280

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