2.5 hours

Passport or ID is required!


all year

Additional info

  • Duration:2.5 hours
  • Available all year round
  • Passport or ID for EU citizens is required!
  • Price calculated for a group of 8 people

Our package includes

  • Transfer to and from the hotel
  • Pretty English-speaking guide
  • Professional instructors
  • A free round of beer after the shooting

Dangerous toys for real men.

Or women, whatever rocks your boat - we are living in a modern world and not discriminating. There is something terrifyingly satisfying in guns. The metal smoothly fitting in your hands. The smell of the gunpowder. The pure thought that you are holding power manifested in your own two hands. The wondrous sound of shots deaden by your ear protection. That’s the feeling every gun owner knows, and you should know too. Now, as the day draws near and the time came for stag or hen party it’s time for you to show everyone who is the boss, who’s wearing the trousers. Let me give you a small hint: it’s you.

Because it’s in our blood. Pure instinct: the thought of hunting and defense - self preservation. Cavemen first used crude sticks and blunt weapons. Then came the bows, crossbows. We are living in the golden age, the next step of the evolution of weapons. They are not just power anymore, but elegance itself. Don’t listen to people who are telling you otherwise - love is love, and there’s no shame for showing some affection towards guns.

Take a deep breath. Be it your first time or one of many, it’s always something new, something exciting. After a while, your heart starts beating faster and faster, pumping adrenaline rich blood through your veins. Close your eyes for a split second, open it, and pull the trigger with a smile on your face.

As your self confident exponentially starts to grow more and more, you will quickly come to realize: the feeling is overwhelming, and you simply  can’t stop loving it and soon, you will be asking for more. 

What should I know about the Shooting programme?

  • Naturally, there are high level safety protocols. Our professional and well trained, experienced instructors will help you get accustomed with the provided weapons and all the necessary instructions.
  • Safety equipment is provided.
  • You should bring something comfortable to wear, which doesn’t restrict you in movement of arms (for aiming) and legs (for stable positioning).
  • Intoxicated people are not allowed onto the shooting range. In the case of drunkenness and smell of alcohol the instructors can and will prohibit the entry and no refunds will be available. Even if guns can be a great deal of fun, still, they are dangerous.
  • For information about the guns available, please contact one of our lovely guide!

Shooting range is made for you if any of these fits:

  • You are a gun enthusiast.
  • You want take on a new challenge of eye-hand coordination.
  • You want to blow off some steam.


Price / person: 39

Total: 156

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