4.5 hours

towel & swimsuit rent available

indoor 'til 7pm

all year

Additional info

  • Biggest thermal spa in Europe, built in 1913
  • Available all year round from 8am to 10pm (indoor area closes at 7pm)
  • Bring your own swimming trunks/swimsuit, flip flops and towel!
  • You can also rent towels, robe and swimming trunks/swimsuit
  • Go for the luxury package to get a one-way transfer and a guide!

Our package includes

  • Entry ticket and locker
  • Many hot water outdoor and indoor thermal pools
  • Steam cabins
  • Saunas
  • Queue jump

Troubled by the thought of last night’s party fallout? Want to go at it and conquer the night full of energy? Soothe your muscle and ease your mind in one of Budapest’s most awe-inspiring world famous thermal baths.

Be it your first stop the day you arrive or your final destination before heading home, time spent in the baths makes sure you’ll stay afloat in the stag party’s intoxicating fizz. Blow off the steam and boil away all the noxious waste you accumulated spending time without worry. Go with the flow and experience the historic sights of hundreds of years old baths while chilling out in hot thermal water. Cure the killing hangover in the magnificent bath of Széchenyi. All we can promise: with Széchenyi’s spa experience, you and your stags surely won’t get a watered down experience.

Because, you know: life is a beach, so it’s about time to bring out the towels!

Details of our Széchenyi Thermal Spa Event

- The bath is open all year long. On normal weekdays from … am to … pm, on weekends from … am to … pm.

- You have to bring or buy the accessories of bathing with yourself: swimming trunk/suit, towels and slippers.

- Besides thermal pools, you can utilize saunas, steam cabins and massage, though some may require additional fees. You may consult our guide or check the spa’s website about the additional prices.

-  Cafeteria available - you can keep rehydrating with non-alcoholic beverages or start the day with a rehab beer.

The pros of choosing a Thermal Spa for Széchenyi

- Skip the line and get in as soon as you and your squad arrive.

- Get one of our lovely Hungarian guides to show you around the bath.    

Who do we recommend thermals spas to?

- All the stags and hens who want to take some time out during their time spent in Budapest

- If you are one of those who want to experience the rich culture of thermal baths streaming from the times of Romans and the Turkish occupation.

- For lads and gals who are not feeling as healthy as they should be –benefits of thermal baths are numerous: curing joint pain, increasing kidney activity, lowering blood pressure… the list goes on and on!


Book your day at Széchenyi thermal spa to prepare yourself for the all night long partying and never ending, ever buzzing nightlife of the marvelous city of Budapest!



Price / person: 23

Total: 184

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