4-5 hours



available all year

Our package includes

  • English speaking hungarian girl guide
  • Free alcoholic welcome drinks in every bar (except the strip club)

The night is dark and full of terrors - but fear not, we are here for you!

There are many reasons why to choose a pub crawl instead of heading out into the wild on your own. Even if you are a city known for your whole life, or just visiting - finding the best place to have a nice pint of beer or calling the shots is hard. The sweet party buzz easily runs out after a while. You aimlessly start to wander in and out of places, and the smile on your faces slowly fades away. In a stag do, it’s a great letdown - and naturally, you don’t want the stag and hen to be disappointed, right? It supposed to be the second best night of their life (after the wedding, of course).

And the strip clubs - oh boy, don’t get me started. You never know what’s really inside until you step foot into the establishment. But it’s already too late, there’s nowhere to hide, nowhere to run.

Let us take care of these problems for you - we will make the stag party something special with our guided pub crawl. We will only show you the best - and introduce you to the buzzing nightlife of Budapest, which literally never stops. It’s time to introduce you to some unique, world famous ruin pubs, which in the late few years, helped to shape the face of Budapest’s entertainment scene.

The last stop is something iconical for the stag parties - a strip club. And not those shady cellar places, this one is a spectacular establishment with the most gorgeous babes our beloved city can provide.

After the tour through the most famous clubs, pubs and bars - you will surely know all the right places to hang out.

What you should know about Guided Pub Crawl?

  • An all year activity.

  • Any sizes of group.

  • The tour will take 4-5 hours to complete, plan accordingly.

  • Skip those irritating waiting lines and get some nice discount on the drinks. For more information, please consult one of our guides.

  • You don’t have to mingle with other groups and unknown people - the party is all yours.

  • Some of our programmes can be combined with our guided pub crawl - handcuffed dwarf is a crazy and unexpected touch, or a rolly-polly stripper welcoming the stag will surely put a smile on the faces.  

Who do we recommend Guided Pub Crawl to?

  • Stag and hen parties, team building and group of friends - anything goes.

  • Who don’t want to spend time idling around, looking for the best places in the city.

Price / person: 20

Total: 80

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