45 min.

min. 8 ppl

from March 'till October

Additional info

  • Duration:45 minutes
  • Bring towels and flip-flops for the shower afterward
  • Mud wrestling only available from March till October
  • This is a mud erotic show not an actual fight! - your safety is our top priority!
  • Price calculated for a group of 8 people

Our package includes

  • Pretty English-speaking guide
  • Sexy strippers "wrestling" for 15-20 minutes - the stag gets involved in the show as well
  • A free round of beer
  • Shower available
  • Selfies with the girls!

Some classics will never go out of fashion.

Let’s take some examples: musics. Music is ever-changing, but some things will always stay classy and fashionable. If we look from this angle, mud wrestling is the classical piece of art, the Mozart of a stag do. Or as for the paintings - the Mona Lisa of it’s kind, with the mysterious smile. And with all the art, you have one simple task. Why not just lay back and enjoy it? Let others do the job for you, it’s time for the stag to have a good time

The math is really simple - take or blow up a pool. Because of some unknown reason, men simply love dirt and mud, so fill it up with all the good stuff. And what other stuff men like? Anatomy. To be more precise: beauty in shape of human, simply put: girls. That’s what the great plan needs - beautiful women! Mash it all up, and we got the X in this great equatation!

It’s going to be a real fight, so be prepared - let the crowd cheer, the excitement build up more and more, as the two competent enters the fighting pit. The countdown begins - three, two, one… and off they go, they tear at each others, like two cute pussycats! For minutes this goes on - which will surely please the audience.

As the combat dies down, it seems to be all over. But no, here come round two! It’s time for the bachelor to take part in it...


Details of Mud Wrestling

  • Mud Wrestling is made of two rounds, each round takes around ten minutes. The second round involved the stag - be sure to keep cheering as loud as you can! In addition, you should bring some clothing for change.

  • Showering is available for the participants.


Who do we recommend Mud wrestling to?

  • The fans of female anatomy and dirty games - this is the ideal combinations you simply can’t pass on this time.

  • Almost every stag do - probably one in a lifetime opportunity for the stag, if he is not living the dream life everyone is secretly wishing for.

  • All those great friends who simply can’t stop watching. Be honest - it’s a damn good sight.

  • Don’t forget - it’s just a game! A sexy one, indeed, but shouldn’t be taken too seriously.


So go on, book the event right now, and prepare your cameras and phones, catfight is on! This is going to be the film you all talking about. It’s too good to not record it.


Price / person: 38

Total: 304

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