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  • The Rolly Polly Stripper can be invited for your transfer, limousine or pubcrawl tour

Our package includes

  • A fat lady with a weight of more than 150kg

They say size does not matter - but we are here to prove that otherwise!

There are many type of man, and of course, they love different kind of women. Some say they prefer big bottoms, other’s call themself boob enthusiast. Other people are fans of curves. Well, lads, what about going totally crazy? Let’s get all of these things and multiple it many, many times. So, these ingredients are in place, let’s stir things up! Let’s make a new cocktail, call it Rolly-Polly stripper - and what’s the best time to try it out?

Naturally, a stag party!

Rolly-Polly stripper is adding a unique flavor to the classic formula of stag do. Instead of simple, skinny, old fashioned strippers, why not have something extra large? Because when you are at a fast food, you won’t asking for something smaller. Real men like it at it’s largest, don’t you agree?

So here’s a frenetic opportunity to cross out two things at once from your “to do” list. First, getting a must-have stripper. Because we all know - a stag party is not a real party without a stripper. The second is make the beloved stag embarasse… no, make his night memorable! Just watch those curved beauties dance! How they get out their clothes to make every inch of them clearly visible! How their skin wiggles with every move they make. Hear the boys roaring - because in matter of seconds, the view will fuel them up like hell!

But we don’t want you to regret anything - let us give you an idea. Why not have more strippers? Two or three? Or make them more? Let’s surround the lucky man with them!

Because soon, he won’t be getting fine ladies like these. Act now, to make sure he get’s the best of everything.

You should get Rolly-Polly Strippers if you are:

  • A lad who can take a good laugh.

  • The bachelor can stand the ground and take the joke.

  • Want to have the fullest, crazies party of your life.


Price / person: 130

Total: 130

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