10-15 min.

all year

Additional info

  • Stripper available at the transfer, pub crawl or stag dinner

Our package includes

  • 1 girl erotic striptease.

It’s been a long day - time to take off the clothes, right? But who said it has to be yours?

There are multiple traditions going on for long in stag parties. First, is of course getting ridiculously drunk. The second is to embarrass the bachelor as much as it is possible. The third, the most popular and well-known is to get a stripper.

No matter where you go, it is a fact, that if you are going to marry, you will need a stripper in one of the last nights as a bachelor. The idea of “stripper anywhere” is to melt all the traditions and must to have things into one, great, epic stuff.

Order the stripper to the pub crawl or stag dinner - even on the transfer? Sure, that’s a great idea! The sun is setting on the horizon, beer in your hand, while a gorgeous babe is getting rid of her clothes. A sports bar? Yeah, that’s gonna be hot, and the patrons will surely wish you a happy new life after that epic night.

As you can see, there are almost no limits, since the human mind is boundless - especially if it’s about erotica, making others feeling good, or the quite opposite, making their face running red with embarrassment.

Are you running out of ideas? Your brain muscles are winding down, since you spent the last days, weeks organizing the stag party? Fear not, contact us! We’ll surely find something out to make everyone as happy as they can be.

Details of the Stripper Anywhere

  • You will get a stripper for limited time, a must have thing in a stag party.

  • After a short consultation with our guide, we arrange a beautiful girl for you at the given place - the transfer, apartman, pub crawl, stag dinner. 

  • Even if there are other patrons -the strippers attention will be yours to have, no other is there to mess things up!

Who do we recommend Stripper Anywhere to?

  • Those who want to have a classic stag party.

  • Who love to admire the nature’s most beautiful creation - a woman’s body in the naked flesh.

  • For those who want to have a great look before saying “I do.” Psst, don’t worry - it will surely remain between us. And if you have doubts - the hens will probably have something similar. Is it selfish to ask for a great time? Surely not.

Price / person: 90

Total: 90

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