1 hour

all year

Our package includes

  • Handcuffed Dwarf
  • English speaking guide

Do you know that joke when a stag is being handcuffed to a dwarf? No? Let us tell you…

Or no, let us show you. We all love pranks. Big ones and, of course, the small ones. Stag parties are not all about getting drunk - because let’s be honest, if it’s done right, most of the night will be lost in an alcohol fueled fog while getting high. But… there’s always a but!

Let us introduce a dwarf star into your life, which shines bright in the dark. Don’t overlook the part these down to earth guys can take in your stag do. Chain yourself to this little guy for an hour, and it surely makes the party long lived. Picture all the situations and possibilities here: taking the dance floor while a short person is handcuffed to you. Want to take a leak? Well, they say loneliness can be hard to take, and the midget will surely help to cope with it while you are in the stall. In need of helping hand with shots? Yep, there’s our little angel, even though he is not sitting on your shoulders.

Combine the “Handcuffed Dwarf” with our other programs - take him with you on a pub crawl or on our cruise ship event. Make the stag’s do memorable - he has some tricks in his sleeve to keep the night going. Maybe, just maybe he’s not the angle he seems, a little devil making the stag do embarrassing tasks. His list is surely long…

What does the Handcuffed Dwarf include?

  • Well, as you would expect, a handcuffed dwarf, who is ready to make an awesome night legendary. The basic pack includes one hour spent with this adorable little lad.

  • Angel or devil - the choice is yours. He can be an annoyance, always looking for opportunity to make the situation awkward or be a funny little follower.

  • You can combine the Handcuffed Dwarf with our other programs - contact us for more information.

Who do we recommend Handcuffed Dwarf to?

  • For those who can take the joke and not easily offended.

  • To people who know the limit, even though it sounds too PC for the event.

  • To those who are ready to have their wildest, craziest… and weirdest night of their life!

You have to think hard and think fast - book now, because the stakes are too high to pass on this opportunity.



Price / person: 200

Total: 200

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