Why choose us for your stag-do in Budapest?

When visiting a city, the best way to discover its true character is with the guide of a local. The guides at Stag Do Budapest know the city and look for new and exciting things to do. If something pops up on our map, we will look it up for you. We only take our guests to certified bars and restaurants where they are guaranteed to have a good time. Not to mention a security check to avoid any possible scams. We have young team with creative ideas to make your stag trip funny and exciting, because we know this is your special occasion. With years of experience behind our backs, we know how to avoid pitfalls and stag traps, so you don’t have to worry just enjoy the Budapest party scene!

Our team has years of experience in guiding visitors in Budapest. We have a specially selected team who have the social skills, speak good English and enjoy what they do. Since we want to give the best to our guests we only hire those who prove themselves and already have relevant experience. Our guests remain satisfied with their work and we hope that you will be our visitor soon!

Responsible tourism

As in most party places around Europe, locals and tourists need to share the city and enjoy themselves according to their own needs. Budapest is no different in this sense. With the growth of tourism in the past years, there was some friction between the two but it is now settled. We want to encourage a responsible way of visiting a city and therefore we aim to support local companies who will benefit from the money spent here and will put it to good use. We want to keep the streets clean and keep the laws of the land so everybody can have fun. We take our guests to local places and keep them entertained in a legal and respective manner. We wish that they enjoy their stay and the locals can have their city as they love it.

Check out the stag activities we offer in Budapest!

Handcuffed Dwarf

Do you know that joke when a stag is being handcuffed to a dwarf? No? Let us tell you…

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Guided Pub Crawl & Strip Club

The night is dark and full of terrors - but fear not, we are here for you!

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Mud Wrestling

Some classics will never go out of fashion...

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Rolly-Polly Stripper

They say size does not matter - but we are here to prove that otherwise!

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It’s been a long day - time to take off the clothes, right? But who said it has to be yours?

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It’s time to get some paint on your hands.

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Escape Room

Locked in a room and you only have limited time to escape. Can you make it out “alive,” or are you doomed to spend the rest of your life in an old cellar?

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Cross Country Quad Trekking

Are you “muddin’” ready to fight Mother Nature herself?

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Thermal Spa

Troubled by the thought of last night’s party fallout? Want to go at it and conquer the night full of energy?

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Bubble Football

You think you know everything about football? Well, champ, you are about to re-learn it all again.

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Shooting Range

Choose the pistol shooting package with which you want to “say hello to your little friends”!

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What are your first thoughts upon arriving to a new, foreign and culturally rich city? P

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